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Our delicious frozen pops are all grown up. We combine our all natural fruit juices with the worlds best spirits to create an unforgettable flavor experience. Poolside, on the beach, or in your own home we bring yo an all natural adult beverage that is fun and easy to enjoy.



Add some color and all natural fruit flavor to your favorite cocktail. Our Pop-Tail garnishes will enhance any classic or modern cocktail recipe with a flavorful frozen ice pop that looks amazing and tastes even better.


Skinny Slush

The newest addition to our family of slushes is our low calorie skinny alternative. It has all of the flavor and fun of our original recipe with no artificial ingredients or added sugar. All of our Skinny Slushes are under 100 calories making them the perfect guilt free treat.


At Ice Goddess we have made it our mission to create the finest frozen beverage in the world. All natural organic South Florida juices come together in recipes with precision-engineered slushes for a texture and flavor experience unlike any other on the planet. Both virgin and non-virgin recipes mean our slushes are enjoyed by people of all ages.


We choose to hand make every one of our all natural juice recipes. We also source our produce from family-owned local orchards. These farms and orchards have made the choice to employ all natural farming practices that yield the finest fruit. This lovingly raised native fruit is then pressed and bottled in our facility by our family of workers and HPP processed to remove harmful pathogens and microbes. This process makes our juice safe to drink for upwards of 30 days.


Ice Pops

The same delicious native fruits that go into creating our all natural juices and slushes can also be enjoyed fully frozen. A delicious and healthier alternative to processed desserts our ice pops are loaded with fresh flavor. Our state of the art “rapid freeze” ice pop facility captures all the freshness of our hand-made all natural juice in a delicious frozen treat that you can buy at the store and take home to the family.


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